Cume do Avia SCG
The Cume do Avia`s story begins May 15, 2005, the day escrituramos statutes in the form of agricultural cooperatives. Our average age was less than 25 years. The start of it all goes back to the summer of 2004 when we started talking about it openly within a Youth Association ourselves We managed and had formed years ago already. Finally we went five who took the initiative.

We chose to plant our vineyards place Eira de Mouros, a name which is etymologically very close to the Galician mythology as the mouros were a sort of elves guarding the treasures of Galicia.

We have made ecological practices from day one, and today there are many biodynamic practices in our vineyards. We use biodynamic preparations, extracts from plants múliples both macerated hydroalcoholic extraction and through our spirits.

We have planted 12 different varieties of native vines, using four different patterns depending on the type of soil. The plants were made by the nurseryman with the tines we send after selecting centenarian vines and special interest throughout the region and with the collaboration of the EVEGA (station of viticulture and enology Galicia). And we now have among the ruins of the people of a plantation of 40 different varieties with a dual function, museum, to be shown to visitors as well as a nursery for multiplication by grafting, thereby facilitating control 100% of our plants. Currently our vineyard covers an area of 9 ha, of which not even reach half that are productive.

We also make our fertilizer because we have a compost in which pre-crushed, compostamos waste of our exploitation and generated with the business of providing services.

Our first wine we realize it in 2012, as a Pueba, which was not marketed. Our first official vintage is the 2013. Our work in the winery focuses on minimal intervention and maximum vigilance. With spontaneous fermentations and low doses of sulfur. Our desire is to offer a high quality product with defined personality, genuine and sincere. A wine that clearly shows the characteristics of the place where he was born, Eira de Mouros and resembles traditionally prepared there.

In this vintage 2015 in addition to our Colleita 3 Blano and red, We are expanding our range with three wines, varietal treixadura, another single-varietal longo caiño and multivarietal (6 varieties) made with the method 100% traditional, walked with feet and fermented in Cuba chestnut of our grandparents